Los Tres Cerditos y el Lobo Feroz

1. Start with warm up (4 minutes): Three Little Pigs Powerpoint on board, ask if students know any of the words?
2. Show next slide with the new vocabulary: el lobo, los cerditos, casa de paja, madera, ladrillo.
3. Read 3 Little Pigs Story out loud (10 minutes)

4. Put students in pairs and give copies of the book and read over to class again. (10 minutes) Have students write down words on the Vocabulary worksheet that they don’t know during the second reading. Talk about words they don’t know. (4 minutes)
5. Hand out sentences to put in sequence in pairs. (5 minutes)
6. Hand out envelopes with pictures. Use pictures to retell the story to a partner. (4 minutes)
7. Have students come up front to act out the final retelling of the story

8. Hand out ABC Vocab Worksheet . Have students write down as many words as they remember. (4 minutes)

9. Go over words as a class, have students write down new words that they hadn’t written down. (4 minutes)

Tuesday (40 minutes)
1. Start with (7 minute) warm up, use power point to tell the story over again.

2. Hand out Vocabulary worksheet with all of the new phrases, and hand out envelope to pairs and give instructions. (2 minutes)
3. Students will do envelope activity, matching English phrases to Spanish phrases. Then students will go through and write down the meanings of the phrases. (7 minutes)

4. As a class, we will go over the matching and clarify with power point what each phrase means, and students will clarify the vocabulary phrase on their vocabulary worksheet. (7 minutes)
5. Pair activity practicing the new phrases. Each student will match first half of the sentence to second half of the sentence, using English sentences to figure out which sentences go together. (7 minutes)

6. If there is time, we will use the English phrases to figure out new vocabulary, using picture vocabulary sheet. (10-15 minutes)

7. If there is more time, we will do flashcards with vocabulary and new phrases.

1. Warm up: start by talking for 5-7 minutes, using new phrases. Have prompts about the news or gossip, so students can say “I heard that” or “They say that”

2. If not done yesterday, hand out the worksheet with Vocabulary with Pictures (part 1) and (part 2) and have them get their worksheet from yesterday out. Use the English sentences to extract new Spanish vocabulary. (10 minutes) Then go over this new vocabulary as a class (5 minutes)

3. Flashcards: the phrases from yesterday (Power point) (4 minutes)


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